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Session Name: Dutch American Airline's
Password: Not required
Pilots: 4 (unlimited)
Observers: 0 (unlimited)
Games: FS2002 & FS2004 & FSX
FS2004 & FSX Connect Port: 23000
Server Version: 3.2
   Session Comments:

Status Game Player Name Type Aircraft Time Near Alt. Hdg. Speed Hop DX Data Status
FSX FransDAA484 Pilot PMDG 777-F4A United Parcel Service - UPS (Fictional) 0d 8h 16m CT10 2nm 30274' 241 385 kts 3 Flying
FSX Hans Pilot FREEWARE_(C)_TDS_16AUG2013_737_CFM56-7B--P1w2_+A3000_+D00_+B0_U.S.A.F 54613 0d 0h 59m KDTW 1nm 655' 214 0 kts 3 On ground
FSX Koen DAA728 Pilot PMDG 777-F4A United Parcel Service - UPS (Fictional) 0d 3h 25m N53 28.03', W040 35.08' 36858' 107 554 kts 3 Flying
FSX Remco Pilot PMDG 747-8F UPS Airlines (N605UP | 2017) 0d 5h 30m N41 57.90', W051 17.44' 34362' 100 518 kts 3 Flying

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Current server time: 21:31
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